Welcome to Mrs. Pollock's Teaching Website!
Welcome to Mrs. Pollock's Teaching Website!

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I am so incredibly thankful to have earned the position of being a third grade long-term substitute for 23 students at Sto-Rox School District. I was the long-term substitute from August 2014-April 2015. Reading classes were divided based on ability level. I had 26 students in my reading class, and 19 students in my math class.





Our classroom pet: Nemo. The students loved being able to take care of Nemo. The students could earn the opportunity to feed Nemo throughout the day.

I provided my students with a take home project in February. The students filled their heart with pictures and/or drawing of people, things, and whatever else "fills their heart." I always emphasize the importance of having a loving and caring classroom community, so this project helped our positive classroom environment.


*I blurred the hearts that have pictures on them.*

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