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Welcome to Mrs. Pollock's Teaching Website!

Math Work Samples

Below are pictures and descriptions of some of the hands-on activities that the students were involved in.

Each student had their own multiplication rocket.  They were able to color a number in each time they recieved an A on a multiplication fact test. This student recieved an A on their multiplying by 0, 1, and 2 test. This helped motivate them to learn their multiplication facts, so they could color in their rocket by the end of the year. I was able to see an increase in motivation by the students; they wanted to know their facts and color their rocket! :-)

In order for my students to deepen their level of understanding of polygons, my students created polygon creatures with the different polygons. This provided them with a fun and educational activity! The students really enjoyed the activity and greatly deepened their understanding of polygons.

In math, my students were learning about different types of triangles. I found a great activity for my students to be involved in hands-on learning. In the beginning of the lesson we identified the triangles by examining the attributes. After we discussed the attributes, that students color coded and sorted them by their type: scalene, equilateral, right, or isosceles triangle. The students really enjoyed this activity and were able to identify and describe the attributes of the different triangles.


In order to celebrate the 100th day, I collaborated with the 3rd grade special education teacher. We combined our classes and set up centers for the students to be involved in. One of the centers was to creat a necklace with 100 fruit-loops! The students had a great time together!

After the students were instructed on rounding to the nearest ten and hundred, we played Scoot! Scoot is a game that involves the students moving from desk to desk around the classroom. Each desk has a Scoot question card; students answer the question card on their grid player sheet. The students move to the next desk every time the teacher says "Scoot."  The students enjoyed playing this game because it was tricky and involved movement!

The students loved making this multiplication Cootie Catcher! I had the students make one of these the day before their multiplying by 2 facts test. They enjoyed making these and were excited to take them home to practice!

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