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Welcome to Mrs. Pollock's Teaching Website!

Reading and Language Arts Work Samples

Black History Month Projects

In honor of Black History Month my students were involved in choosing an African American who has made an impact in the lives of African Americans. The students were involved in selecting, researching, taking notes, drafting, editing, and writing a final copy of their research paper. Since we have been practicing writing throughout the year most students were to write a three or five paragraph research paper.

Interview Project

After reading, "The Day Eddie Met the Author," by Louise Borden, my students completed an interview project. During this project the students developed their own interview questions for a classmate, interviewed their classmates, and recorded their responses. 

The students were provided with a writing activity that was connected to the story, "The Day Eddie Met the Author" by Louise Borden. The students were given this activity after the interview project. This provided the students with an opportunity to think outside the box and to imagine themselves as an author.

Encouraging gratitude in our classroom!

Throughout the month of November my reading class created a thankful/gratitude journal. According to Dr. Mercola's study on the benefits of gratitude, people who have an attitude of gratitude can live a longer and happier life. Everyday my students wrote about one thing they were thankful for. Some things they were thankful for were: family, good health, books, pencils, trees, air, and even gravity! I am very proud of my students and the hard work that they put into their journals. I challenged my students to write about something different everyday and to write with greater detail as they continued throughout the month. I hope you enjoy reading about what my students are thankful for!

Autumn Acrostic Poems

Love Bugs

My students created "Love Bugs!" On their love bug they wrote a paragraph about who they love and why. This activity was a fun activity for the students because they wrote about someone they care about and made a lady bug craft.


The students are writing better and better paragraphs as they continue to develop strong topic sentences, supporting details, and concluding sentences.

Vocabulary Development

We first introduce our vocabulary words by searching through the context clues. Once we discuss the definition of each word we create a hand-motion that helps the students understand and recall the definition. The students struggled with learning vocabulary words the first few lessons, but after implementing this strategy they were not only able to recall the definition, but they also used the vocabulary words in conversation more.


After my students make connections to new vocabulary through prior knowledge, repetition, and meaningful opportunities to use the new words, the students create different study tools to help them study their vocabulary words. This is one of the example study tools that my students have created.

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