Welcome to Mrs. Pollock's Teaching Website!
Welcome to Mrs. Pollock's Teaching Website!

Technology in the Classroom

Throughout lessons, I incorporate technology by using the Promethean Board that is in our classroom. I prepare Google Slides with the content that I want to display as a visual for my students. In addition, I also add other resources and activities to the slides, in order to maximize teaching time. This helps the flow the lessons, so that I do not have to take time during the lessons to write the questions and content notes on the board.  The students are more engaged and actively involved throughout the lessons! I am also able to include active activities, videos, pictures, music, and more by using the Promethean Board! 

Google Classroom

I use Google Classroom in my classes in order to provide students with resources, activities, and assessments. My students love using Google Classroom for math, ELA, and social studies. I use many different applications and websites to engage my students!

Kahoot  & Quizizz

We love Kahoot and Quizizz!  I use both tools with my students to check their understanding of the content taught. Both allow me to ask questions in several different ways and collect whole-class responses quickly. I can then view the responses in a graph to reflect on what my students understand and to modify instruction as needed.



My students love playing Prodigy! It helps so many of my students get excited for math. Prodigy is a free curriculum-aligned role-playing math video game. It is adaptive, correct answers are incentivized, easy to use, and fun and engaging for students! 


This is one of my favorite educational tools! This is an amazing tool to assess student understanding through videos and questions. Creating videos of my own through Screencastify is something that I enjoy doing to personalize my instruction.


I love using ReadWorks in reading to help support reading comprehension. There are so many nonfiction articles that support my students' reading comprehension as well as other comprehension skills and strategies. This also enables me to provide supportive feedback for my students to see how I can modify and differentiate instruction to better support my students' needs.


I believe it is so important for students to have stretch breaks throughout the day! Having the students involved in movement and mindfulness helps improve behavior and attention.

See the below links for ideas and resources of how to incorporate technology:

Interactive Whiteboard Activities:

Technology and Apps For Teaching

Google Forms

Awesome app to use for assessment! 10 different question types available that can be used to create any assessment for your students!


Don't have much technology? Plickers is a great application to use to collect fast  formative assessment data without the need for laptops, iPads, or other technology devices!


Learn and practice math in a fun and dynamic way!

Common Core Standards

Easy to use app in order to quickly find the Math and Language Art Standards. Free resources are available.

Spelling City App

Engaging spelling and vocabulary word games for students to practice the already made lists or teacher made lists.

If students do not have an iPad at home they can access their account on a computer: Spelling City Website. The website also includes free teacher resources and information on how to create a teacher account in order to upload weekly spelling lists for students to practice at home. Students can access their account on an iPad or a computer! 


Very helpful resource to help students learn their vocabulary words. Teachers can create an account so that their students can access already made flashcard decks on their own device. You can also use user-created decks from all subjects.

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