Welcome to Mrs. Pollock's Teaching Website!
Welcome to Mrs. Pollock's Teaching Website!

What People Say About Mrs. Pollock

"Simply put, Amanda is a fantastic teacher!  Before accepting this role at Sto-Rox, I was a grades 6-12 coordinator for Pittsburgh Public Schools and a building-based administrator at Hampton Township School District for 5 years. During those years as an administrator, I supported hundreds of teachers across 20+ schools. I have observed Mrs. Pollock’s class many times, and I can easily say that she is among the best teachers I have observed. She has strong content knowledge and uses a variety of pedagogical strategies. She differentiates her lessons through varied content and questions, and her rituals and routines have been established to ensure that the classroom runs smoothly."

-Dr. Michael A. Amick

Director of Curriculum and Instruction

Sto-Rox School District


"Amanda is a committed life-long learner, as you can see from her resume. Her commitment to her professional growth and the well-being of her students makes Amanda an outstanding educator who empowers her students. Amanda is a "think outside the box" type of person, always looking for a creative way to get the job at hand done. She has excellent classroom management skills, demonstrating mutual respect for her students and peers."


-Ms. Lori Sims


"Mrs. Pollock has the qualities that will make her a valued member of any school district. She is to be commended for her professionalism, concern for her students, and quality of instruction. She plans well and works diligently at being organized. Mrs. Pollock goes above and beyond each day in her planning to ensure student learning. She has worked extensively with children from a variety of backgrounds in the positions she has held here at Sto-Rox Elementary."


-Ms. Heather Johnston

Head Teacher at Sto-Rox Upper Elementary

"I have worked with Amanda for three years at Sto-Rox Upper Elementary, where we teach fourth grade on the same team. She is hard working, dependable, and goes above and beyond to help all students and colleagues during the school day. Her commitment and dependability does not go unnoticed, and she is a valuable asset to our teaching team. Amanda is always looking for ways to improve the education of all her students. She shows this through professional development opportunities, piloting new programs, and graduate studies."

-Mrs. Kara Lang

4th Grade Teacher

"Amanda was hired as a full time fourth grade teacher in the 2015-2016 school year.  I knew that with the skills and traits she demonstrated as a long – term sub, she would be a successful full time teacher.  I was excited that the students at Sto – Rox would have continued access to a teacher that would have a long term positive impact on their lives.  Amanda is truly a teacher who understands the balance and importance of both social/emotional learning and rigorous content.  She finds a way to manage both components and fights to develop a sense of perseverance in her students.  She embodies a growth mindset, and models this for the learners in her classroom.


The impact that Amanda has had on Sto – Rox is multifaceted and richly layered.  I know, and I can say without hesitation, that she will become an indispensable member of your school community.  I recommend her for any position she applies for."


-Mrs. Rachel Gray

Former Sto-Rox Elementary Principal 

"I want to touch on a skill Ms. Ocando is particularly strong in.  She has wonderful behavior management.  I worked closely with Ms. Ocando throughout the year in this arena.  She had several students in her classroom with difficult behaviors and mental health issues.  Ms. Ocando did an amazing job with these students.  She gave important input in developing behavior plans and interventions and was diligent in following through with the measures that were put into place.  There is also an intangible quality to the way she interacts with students that minimized behavioral problems in her classroom."


-Mrs. Julie Taylor

Former Elementary Guidance Counselor 

"Amanda is honest, dependable, and incredibly hard-working. Beyond that, she has a giving heart. She is generous with her time and has a way of making you feel important. There are very few people I have met with her people skills, volunteerism, and genuine spirit. She has studied abroad, is bilingual, and has also served on a mission trip to Honduras. I know her well-roundedness would be an incredible asset to your district."


-Ms. Emily Rindels

5th Grade Teacher at Mt. Lebanon School District

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Ocando during the 2014-2015 school year. Ms. Ocando was a great asset to our third-grade team. She did not hesitate to ask for assistance and suggestions, and she was always willing to help with any activities throughout the school year on grade level and building level projects. Ms. Ocando was adored by her students and she has developed a great rapport with many students in the building. I truly enjoyed working with Ms. Ocando and would be pleased to have her as my colleague.


-Ms. Bonnie Harbaugh

Third Grade Teacher, Sto Rox School Elementary

"I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Ocando when she so effectively stepped into a 3rd grade long term sub position on short notice. Her dedication to each child she taught was remarkable. She always had the best interest of all students in mind and in turn gained respect from even the most difficult students. Her classroom management skills are phenomenal and always had students actively engaged in her lessons.


As far as a colleagues she really was a team player who was always willing to give input and to put in the extra time into finding ways to help her students succeed. These attributes were exhibited through her dedication to the school by attending after-school theme nights and volunteering her time."


-Ms. Jennine Osborne
Third Grade Teacher, Sto-Rox Elementary School

  “Miss Amanda Ocando student taught third-grade students under my direction in a regular education classroom. She possessed qualities desired by 21st-century school districts. Enthusiastic, patient, kind, honest, responsible, pleasant and hard-working are descriptors of her outstanding character. Effective lessons were executed which focused on student learning, individual interests, and needs according to the state standards. Technology was woven into lessons using different modalities of learning and differentiation. Professionalism was consistently displayed by coming to work early, attending meetings prepared, and a neat appearance. Her cooperative attitude with administration, staff, students, and parents gained her respect and praise from all. Miss Ocando currently writes to our students sharing her experiences while she studies in Spain. What a gem! I recommend Miss Amanda Ocando to teach elementary students and would hire her without hesitation!"


-Mrs. ReneeTiesi

Third Grade Cooperating Teacher

"Amanda was a student teacher in my Learning Support classroom.  During her time in my room, I had the chance to observe many things.  Amanda learned quickly how to manage the school day.  She was able to guide the students from one lesson to another with ease as well as make adjustments to the schedule as needed to meet the learning needs of the students.


    Amanda’s emphasis on the learning of students was exceptional.  She had the knowledge, skills and desire to be an outstanding teacher. 


    Amanda’s personality was always positive and enthusiastic.  She showed confidence and enthusiasm in all of her lessons.  Amanda immediately earned a great rapport with the students and other staff in the building. 


    Amanda is confident, knowledgeable and has the skills of a seasoned teacher.  Her desire to continue her education abroad shows magnitudes of her profession."


-Mrs. Simmons

Learning Support Cooperating Teacher

"Ms. Ocando was extremely professional in her attitude, interactions and attire. She had an excellent rapport with her students and with the professional staff that worked with her in the classroom. Amanda taught with confidence and was comfortable interacting with all of her students individually and in small and large groups. Her students enjoyed the classroom environment that she created. Ms. Ocando was an excellent communicator, both orally and in her writing. She incorporated technology into her lessons and often created teacher-made materials to enhance her lessons and keep her students engaged. She knew her students well and promoted critical thinking with them. Amanda used positive strategies to keep her students motivated and provided corrective feedback to them respectfully. She developed and implemented a behavior management plan for one of her students that was very effective.


Amanda Ocando is committed to becoming an excellent teacher and she is well on her way. She took advantage of many opportunities for professional growth during this placement by visiting other classrooms and attending IEP meetings. She also benefited from the experience and wisdom of her veteran cooperating teacher. She was eager to hear suggestions and welcomed all feedback that I provided her. Amanda is a great example of the qualified teacher that Indiana University of Pennsylvania is proud to produce. It is without reservation that I highly recommend her to you."


-Mrs. Domaracki

IUP University Supervisor

"Amanda was assigned to student teach in a rural elementary school with a diverse population.  This experience was a turning point for Amanda, as she demonstrated confidence and a natural ability to connect with her students in a life skills setting.  As a supervisor, I was proud of her ability to transfer skills learned from IUP directly to the classroom, using questioning skills and hands on learning that worked very well for her students.  Amanda’s lessons were paced effectively and students were held to a high expectation while building on their own unique strengths.  The cooperating teacher recognized Amanda as someone who was a strong partner and they quickly built a trusting relationship, which was evident through the teaching opportunities that were delegated to Amanda.  Amanda used positive behavior supports to manage her classes, which changed throughout the day."


-Mrs. Griffith

IUP Supervisor 

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